Turns out I have an American neighbour on the allotment! He lived and thrived and surfed through the sixties and seventies, and is now happily living in Finland with his wife. Come spring, his plot has the most extravagant display of tulips - he told me he once bought them from the Netherlands by the … Continue reading Gladioli.


The Harry Potter plant

Amsonia Tabernaemontana sounds a bit like something you'd find in a Harry Potter book, but you'd be mistaken - it's ' just'  a plant. Also called the 'Eastern Bluestar' (bit less of a mouthful), I found her on a trip to the Netherlands last year in May. She looked so photogenic even before blooming, so … Continue reading The Harry Potter plant

My lupins are damping off.

My lupins are a tad unhappy - they're damping off, giving up the ghost one by one. Sad. I planned to keep them out on the balcony all winter so they'd germinate around February and I figured they'd grow on, slowly and steadily, with just the glass and maybe a plastic cover to protect them. … Continue reading My lupins are damping off.