The Harry Potter plant

Amsonia Tabernaemontana sounds a bit like something you’d find in a Harry Potter book, but you’d be mistaken – it’s ‘ just’  a plant.


Also called the ‘Eastern Bluestar’ (bit less of a mouthful), I found her on a trip to the Netherlands last year in May. She looked so photogenic even before blooming, so I became determined to add it to my allotment in faraway Finland. Good news is, she’s proper hardy so she’ll hopefully cope with whatever it is winter throws at her.

Not being able to find her at a nursery or gardening centre nearby, I bought seeds from a trusted supplier, and I’m carefully optimistic! I sowed seeds in July when I received them, and again some in November. The wintersown ones have germinated after being moved inside (winter is a proper laugh this year), and, after discarding (recycling) the compost containing the summer sown ones which did not germinate, I’ve seen similar looking seedlings sprouting up in other containers too.

If that means what I’m thinking, I’m a lucky duck. I’ll have Amsonia’s to spare!


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