Go forth and grow roots.

When working on your bachelor's thesis, sometimes you come across little finicky jobs that will make a world of difference if you did them poorly, or not at all. Fixing up references is one of those jobs - my school is notoriously picky about them. It takes not so much elbow grease, as some dissecting … Continue reading Go forth and grow roots.


The weather is propably to blame for those unfortunate tulips.

I begged, I whined, I pleaded, I cried, I begged some more, and somehow got to borrow a boat to get to the island where my allotment is! Rowing all the way there makes it feel like much more of an accomplishment. I was itching to get busy digging and cutting, and was curious about … Continue reading The weather is propably to blame for those unfortunate tulips.

A thousand yellow daisies.

When looking for seeds, we'd like something showy; for the tiny little granule to turn into a whopper of a Strelitzia, for example. Often things don't turn out the way we had hoped for. Diseases strike, the seedlings are feeble, the temperature is to hot, or too cold - things are going awry. The spectacular … Continue reading A thousand yellow daisies.