The weather is propably to blame for those unfortunate tulips.

I begged, I whined, I pleaded, I cried, I begged some more, and somehow got to borrow a boat to get to the island where my allotment is! Rowing all the way there makes it feel like much more of an accomplishment. I was itching to get busy digging and cutting, and was curious about what I’d find.

One big change was the trees, or rather the lack thereof. Many trees surrounding our allotment area have been cut – thankfully the bastard christmas tree and the shade throwing aspen were amongst the ones getting the hatchet. Huzzah! More sun! More flowers!

Though hang on just a bit. Counting the tulips, the fingers of one hand sufficed. I planted nearly 150, but only a few had surfaced. What a dissapointment! It couldn’t have been the supplier, as I used three different ones. 10 Apeldoorn tulips planted in a special cutting bed have all surfaced, and look happy and thriving. The pathetic and despicable winter must be to blame, or otherwise some critter going nuts over the buffet I unknowingly laid out for them.Last season however, though I planted much less tulips, most surfaced and gave a nice show. Maybe, and I’m grasping at straws here, they’re all a bit late and yet to surface? One can only hope.

The daffs are all decidedly late – barely showing their heads above the soil, which is good, as I chose late varieties. I’m greedy like that – I’m planting bulbs for when I can enjoy them myself.

How do you bounce back from a towering expectation, only to get knocked in the back of the head with disappointment. I want my allotment to be a place I could never be mad at, or disappointed with. The weather is propably to blame for those unfortunate tulips. The grass patch was smothered with moss, which must mean it’s been a swamp over winter. Not the most practical conditions for tulips. So, I’ve been doing the drought dance every time I find a few spare minutes.

Pictures, you ask? I didn’t get to it, or I didn’t feel like there was anything to show. A sea of moss with no tulips make for bad blogging imagery, I find. Here’s some pictures from last year’s first trip!






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