I was given a little allotment a few Christmasses ago. Not knowing much about growing stuff – mixed salad bowl leaves sown in window boxes usually gave up the ghost after sending up a few measly sprigs- I decided to approach the 10 by 10 meters by the method of ‘first dig, then think’.

My third season is upon us, and every possible surface of my apartment and balcony are covered with, in one way or another, plant-growing material. I’m bad at growing vegetables, so I’ve decided to go all cutflower all the way, save for a row of beans (I love beans).

Here I’ll share about my trials and tribulations, about what I’ve grown and what I never want to see sprouting up out of my soil again. Maybe I’ll introduce some of the other allotmenteers cos I believe they’re a cosy bunch. And on days when there’s not much plant news to share, I’ll share bits of our beautiful outdoors. Enjoy!