My lupins are damping off.

My lupins are a tad unhappy – they’re damping off, giving up the ghost one by one. Sad. I planned to keep them out on the balcony all winter so they’d germinate around February and I figured they’d grow on, slowly and steadily, with just the glass and maybe a plastic cover to protect them.

Since we’re not having a winter this year (it’s the end of January now, and there’s not a flake of snow to be seen – this winter so far is utterly pathetic!), the lupins thought they better get on with things and germinated already around December. Me, naive, thinking winter will still make a dramatic entry, decided to move them indoors. No luck for those wee seedlings happily doing their thing, only to be killed off by a flash freeze. Not on my watch.

So they’ve been indoors. I sowed a variety called ‘my castle’, three seeds to a fairly large pot (I’ll get my measurements right soon as I find my measuring tape). They all germinated and seemed to thrive indoors. Until.

One by one they started to sulk, then slump, then simply vanish. I feel terrible, and I was so looking forward to these! I have one stout seedling left, and it is starting to feel limp to the touch. Their little sister, L. Nana (snow pixie) got sown indoors just a week ago and she’s starting to germinate happily. I’ll guard them with my life.

I’m not adding any pictures to this bit, it’s just too sad. Here‘s a nice article from Gardener’s World on how to prevent damping off, which of course I’ll follow to the letter.

Now, I wanted to insert that one Monty Python bit with John Cleese and lupins, lupins or your life etc., but I can’t find it anywhere. It’s hilarious, as is all of their stuff, and it would be totally appropriate here.

Sorry for beginning the gardening year on such a sad note – I hope the rest of it will be filled with pleasant surprises and a crowd of happy seedlings!


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